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There are a lot of details to consider when planning a kitchen design. From faucets to lighting and décor pieces, every aspect must be considered to create your dream kitchen. One of the most important details you’ll have to consider is your kitchen cabinets, which will take up most of this room. Kitchen cabinets are a big part of any kitchen design, and you will have to look at the different options to select the best one. 

There are many beautiful options and several different types, and a little research will help you make the right choice. Still trying to figure out where to start? The following guide will present you with different types of kitchen cabinets you’ll love:

  • Shaker cabinets

This is a very popular style for kitchen cabinets, consisting of five pieces of flat panel. It has a frame consisting of four pieces and a single flat centre panel as the fifth piece. These cabinets offer a simple and classic look and can work well in both a traditional and contemporary design, which is why shaker cabinets are such a popular trend. 

This kind of cabinet has a few trademark characteristics, including flat-panelled doors with rail frames, sturdy construction with quality wood and utilitarian designs. High-quality wood is often used for shaker-style kitchen cabinets, and you can choose from cherry, maple or hickory woods. 

  • Louvered

These cabinets feature horizontal wooden slats, which is a design typically seen on windows, furniture pieces and interior doors. This design can now be found on kitchen cabinets, and a louvered design will add a unique style to your kitchen and cabinetry. 

This type of kitchen cabinet is especially great for spaces requiring ventilation because most louvered doors have spaces between each slat. You should remember this when looking for doors to a cabinet near a radiator, a pantry cabinet or a drying cabinet in your laundry room. 

  • Flat panel or slab

This type of kitchen cabinet is simple yet stylish. It features hard lines and a minimalist form. These cabinets lack any expensive detail, and their appearance is ideal for both contemporary and modern kitchens. Flat-panel cabinets can be constructed in many different ways, and a consistent feature of this style is slab doors with no frames. They are, simply put, solid slabs, hence their name. 

  1. Inset. 

This type of cabinet comprises an inset door set inside the frame instead of outside, like typical cabinet doors. Every door is designed and built using incredibly precise measurements to ensure the wood sits inside the frame and opens and closes correctly. 

Inset kitchen cabinets tend to be quite expensive, but their beautiful and classic appearance can last for years, and its look will always stay in style. Additionally, inset cabinets can be personalized to create custom cabinets with beaded or no-beaded inserts. Beaded inset construction is fitted into the cabinet door, providing an edge detail with fine craftsmanship. 

This cabinetry style usually requires exposed hinges, which can quickly increase the cost. Unlike concealed hinges that are included in the cost of the cabinet box, you will have to buy two hinges per door for inset cabinets, which can affect your budget. 

  • Distressed

If you are interested in an antique-style kitchen, this type of cabinetry is right for you. Distressed cabinets and drawers are available in any door style and feature corners that have been rubbed off and other distressing techniques to create an older feel. 

  • Beadboard

This style of cabinetry is made of rows of vertical planks with indentations or ridges known as beads between each blank. This results in a more dynamic look, and the appearance of the beads results in a unique texture that is ideal for country farmhouse or cottage-style kitchens. 

You must remember that the cracks and crevasses on this style of cabinets can be hard to clean and upkeep. The all-white beadboard cabinets may look perfect to complete your cottage-style kitchen, but you’ll have to consider maintenance before you proceed with this option. 

  • Thermofoil

These cabinets are moulded out of medium-density fiberboard, and the door is then wrapped in plastic coating and baked under intense heat to be sealed. This process results in a durable and cost-effective kind of kitchen cabinetry. They are usually mass-produced, meaning they are only available in solid colours and are imitation wood. 

Thermofoil cabinets are easy to care for and low maintenance but are known to have poor heat resistance, which means they should not be installed too close to your oven; otherwise, the laminate from the veneer cover may come loose. 

If you are working with a tight budget, this can be a great choice because these cabinets are inexpensive. 

  • Custom cabinetry 

You can always choose custom cabinetry if you do not love any of the kitchen cabinet styles mentioned above. This will allow you to create your dream kitchen and have your desired kitchen cabinet design. This level of personalization can be discussed with a kitchen cabinet team, and they will help bring your vision to life. 


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