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Basic Tips and Ideas for Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 17, 2021

If you’re looking to give your outdated kitchen cabinets a remodel, add some style and functionality without needing to install completely new cabinets by following these tips.

Put On A Layer Of Paint

Your cabinets don’t need to stay the same color all the time. You can give them a fresh coat of paint to upgrade their look and rewrite your kitchen design story. You can give them new life with paint to distract from other old design decisions.

Add Some Molding Or Trim To The Doors

One more simple way you can update your kitchen cabinets is to add molding or trim to the cabinet doors. You can attach them with short nails, but for doors that are thinner, you should use adhesive. If you decide not to paint the door completely, make sure you paint or stain the trim before you attach them.

Add Beadboard

Beadboard is another good way to upgrade your cabinet doors, if you are applying trim, then you can attach the beadboard to the inside of the trimmed area for a nice look. Beadboard can be found pretty inexpensively and is easy to cut to size. You can also put it around your kitchen island for more visual appeal.

Replace The Hardware

If your kitchen cabinets have outdated hardware, a great way to freshen up their look is to update the hardware. You can find a large variety of different hardware styles at the home improvement store. It’s a lot more affordable to buy packets of hardware rather than individually.

Add Feet To The Base

If you want the bottom of your cabinets to stand out, then you can install feet to the base. You can do this by adding chair legs or bun feet you can find in the molding section of the home improvement shop. All you will need to do is cut them to size, then paint or stain them to match your cabinets.

Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing some under cabinet lighting can definitely take things to the next level. This not only makes them look better, but it also makes things much easier to see. Use LED strips to cover the most area. You can find LED strip lights at most home improvement stores.

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