Tips To Choose The Best Granite Colour For Your Kitchen

Choosing the right colour for your granite countertop can be a crucial decision to make sure that your overall decor looks coherent. Whether you fancy the neutral blacks, browns, whites or the stunning reds, greens and blues, having a colour that matches your cabinetry, appliances and the overall style of your kitchen or bathroom is [...]

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Kitchen Tips To Determine Kitchen Cabinets Installation Height

When you get new cabinets installed in your kitchen, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Are they going to match the aesthetics of the kitchen? Will they look good with your kitchen countertops, no matter if it is granite, quartz, wood, or laminate? Will they fit the space well? One thing [...]

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Granite vs Quartz: Which is better?

Are you’re looking to install new countertops in your home and are split between granite and quartz? You’ve asked yourself: “Is granite better? Is quartz?” These questions are part of a surprisingly intense debate between kitchen design aficionados, and unfortunately, this debate has made the process of picking a countertop a confusing and frustrating process [...]

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Choosing the best Kitchen Countertop

Your kitchen countertop is an important feature in the overall appearance of your kitchen. It also serves as a highly functional workspace and often is subjected to regular abuse over a lifetime to which it needs to be able to stand up to. An easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable surface is high [...]

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