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Choosing the best Kitchen Countertop

Oct 15, 2017

Your kitchen countertop is an important feature in the overall appearance of your kitchen. It also serves as a highly functional workspace and often is subjected to regular abuse over a lifetime to which it needs to be able to stand up to. An easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable surface is high on the list of needs when it comes to choosing materials for your kitchen countertop. Your needs will of course vary depending on your family (kids are often harder on the wear and tear of a home than a teenager or adult), lifestyle, and how much or little you use your kitchen for meal prep, food preservation, and other kitchen activities.

Here are some of the most popular


Pros: Quartz is often described as beautiful, and it can have a stone, like – appearance that homeowners love. It’s made of a combination of resin, minerals, and colour, and can provide your kitchen with that touch of elegance that you’re after. It is very versatile, as the colour can vary greatly to match or complement your decor. It can also take plenty of wear without showing it; from heat, knives, abrasive materials and stains.

Cons: Although the surface of quartz is highly durable, the edges can chip, so care is needed. If you opt for rounded corners this becomes less of an issue.


Pros: Like quartz, granite comes in a wealth of different colours with interesting veining throughout, and the option of a shiny or matte finish. It does need to be sealed, but once done, it can withstand heat, knives, and abrasive materials easily.

Cons: Similar to quartz, corners can chip and will require a professional to repair. In order to retain its stain resistance, granite needs to be periodically sealed.

Soapstone, Limestone, and Marble

Pros: With a high classic appeal, these natural substances can make wonderful and unique countertops. Soapstone is resistant to heat, and scratches can be buffed out with a light sanding and application of mineral oil. Limestone also resists heat, and all 3 will give your kitchen a look that will stand the test of time

Cons: All 3 of these materials scratch easily, so although they’re easily buffed away, you may have to do it more than you’d bargained. Heat can damage marble, and all 3 are susceptible to stains.

Recycled Glass

Pros: Glass is a great material for those interested in using recycled products, and the options for large shards vs finely ground give you lots to work with. Great heat, stain and scratch resistance.

Cons: Ensure that you’re getting a good quality – there is a definite difference in durability depending on the brand.

Solid Surfacing

Pros: Options are almost limitless when it comes to colour and pattern, and with almost invisible joints, you can achieve a seamless look. Great stain resistance.

Cons: Use a cutting board with this type of countertop; it scratches very easily.


Pros: Laminate is one of the least expensive materials out there, and it’s simple to install. Lots of variety and resistant to stains and heat.

Cons: Easily damaged by knife use.

Butcher Block

Pros: Butcher block is beautiful and highly practical in a kitchen, it’s easy to install and scratches are easily buffed out.

Cons: Although easily repaired, no resistance to cuts and scratches.

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