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Common Corner Cabinet Types and Ideas

Dec 21, 2021

Most kitchens have corner areas, and there are specific cabinet types and ideas you can consider to make the most out of this area. If you want to utilize your corners, consider these ideas:

Base Corner

This is a corner cabinet that is often used in kitchen design and features two doors. These doors swing open and come in different sizes and what’s great about this option is that they can be equipped with an adjustable shelf on the inside, which makes it practical to store items. There are a ton of accessories you can consider for this type of corner cabinet, including a variation of the Lazy Susan, which would make it even more convenient to access items in your cabinet.

Base Blind Corner

This type of cabinet has one door and generally comes hinged left or right with the blind panel finished to match the cabinet door. An adjustable shelf comes standard with this cabinet, and this is ideal for storing heavier items. You can do this in the planning stage if you want to add more shelves, although an extra cost would be added. Many homeowners decide to upgrade to a pull-out accessory because they find the entry opening too small, making their items harder to access.

Corner Drawers

These are innovative and unique and provide homeowners with an ergonomic experience. They typically come in a three drawer configuration and allow for lots of items to be stored because of their spaciousness and size. Corner drawers are pricey, but they will make a big difference in your kitchen and require a lot of work and materials to build.

Base Angle Corner

This, too, comes in either a one door or a one door/one drawer configuration. A full depth adjustable height shelf is also typically included, although you can choose to add more if you like. You can also consider a full height version, which would be ideal for a corner sink cabinet.

Void Corner

A professional cabinet designer will recommend this option if they think it’s best for your kitchen layout, and no other options will work. They will know when it’s the right thing to do, and a void corner is often used when a range or sink has to be nestled closely into a corner, and squeezing in a cabinet would just be impossible. This is when a void corner will have to be considered, and this option would also help you gain a larger drawer bank, which would be perfect for pots and pans, so don’t ignore this idea.

The experts at Envyland Kitchen can help you with all of your cabinet needs. We will listen to your ideas and make professional recommendations to be happy with your cabinets. If you’d like to discuss more details or are interested in more information, contact us today!

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