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Design Your Kitchen Display Cabinet like a Pro

Oct 30, 2020

Designing kitchen display cabinets like a professional is possible and can help transform the appearance of your kitchen with cabinets that are unique, functional, and beautiful.

There are different options when it comes to kitchen cabinets, including shelves, cubbies and the use of hooks. You can also choose between cabinets that have a glass front or decide that you want a combination of several styles; no matter which design you select, it should always reflect your style so that you love your kitchen and enjoy spending your time in that frequently used space.

You can consider any of the following design concepts, which will elevate your kitchen and help you achieve a look that is stunning and very professional.

The first style of display cabinets is a classic and consists of tiered shelves behind paned glass. This is a favourite because the open-shelf concept allows you to display collectibles and treasured items for everyone to see. It’s a great way to display your favourite items so that you’re constantly reminded of a special occasion or moment that is meaningful to you. You don’t have to display kitchen items and can choose to place whatever collection or item you desire and even switch them out every year or season. Having a section of your cabinets open for display though glass panels is a design that will always be in style.

Another great option is to have a section of your kitchen dedicated to a home office, if your space allows it. A kitchen office hub is modern and provides you with a space to pay your bills, work on your laptop or charge your gadgets, and the cabinets around this space are ideal for storage for both kitchen and office supplies. You can design cubbies and custom shelves in your cabinets to create a functional work space and storage system, both of which are very practical.

Finally, the open storage concept is something to consider if you’re looking for a modern take on display cabinets. This is ideal if you want easy access to the items you use daily, such as dishes and mugs and you can incorporate a dish rack or shelving to create your custom storage design. Another popular trend is to include a wine rack with special shelving that can hold your wine bottles and your wine glasses as well. This is perfect on those nights where you’re entertaining and a crowd gathers in your kitchen, which is somehow where family and friends always end up.

Envyland Kitchen can help you with these cabinet options and guide you in selecting a design that suits your kitchen, taste, and lifestyle. Whether you want a fully functioning display cabinet or are interested in more of a showpiece design, they can help by ensuring you get the kitchen cabinets that are right for you. Call them today for a new kitchen you’ll be sure to love!

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