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A kitchen is where you gather, prepare food and eat with family members and friends. For many people,it is the heart of the home, and this is why you need to consider décor that blends aesthetics and functionality. This will help create a kitchen that suits your needs, and if you are planning a kitchen renovation this year, the following guide will tell you all about the popular trends in 2023:

Lighting Used As Art

Light fixtures are not just for lighting and can serve as works of art. Light fixtures can contain character and can act as the centrepiece of the room. You can mix gold and bronze, and a great place to install fixtures is above the island. A single suspension fixture is ideal and can inspire the rest of the design of your room.

Peach Palette

Peach is taking over in 2023, and this colour can easily be incorporated into your kitchen. You can select several shades of the same colour, and peach goes especially well with pale wood species. Pairing a peach palette with gold or copper faucets and kitchen hardware will look exceptionally beautiful.

Bench Seating

Benches are very trendy because they create more space and are also aesthetically pleasing. Theright bench will help you reclaim wasted corner space, and you will have a ton of material options to choose from, including velour, fake leather or fabric.

Veined Marble

Marble is a timeless material but marble with large and very pronounced veins has been very popular in the kitchen in 2023. It can be incorporated on islands, countertops and backsplashes,and the most popular vein colours are green, burgundy, black and brown.

Dark And Earth Tones

If a peachy palette is not to your liking, you can consider warm, dark and earthy tones. This includes browns, reds, greys, greens and beiges. These colours will work especially well with dark wood elements like ebony, walnut and mahogany, and dark colours would look great on kitchen cabinets, walls and counters.

Colourful Faucets

This trend will provide your kitchen with an original look, and you will appreciate this unique appearance. This will work well in a contemporary kitchen, and you can consider colours like green, pale pink and terracotta or even matte white.


This is a very popular trend you will see in magazines and renovation shows, and arches aregreat because they can soften the look of your space. Whether it’s an entryway, cabinets,shelves or wall niches, arches in kitchens are beautiful and mix modern and classical styles. They will help create a spacious effect and will complement any kitchen, regardless of your style preferences

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