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Many pet owners consider their furry companions to be members of the family. They enrich our life with happiness, love, and camaraderie. Yet, having dogs can often be difficult, mainly when making house improvements. There are some pet-friendly features you should consider including in your design if you’re planning a kitchen redesign and have pets.

Pet-Friendly Features to Add to a Kitchen Remodel

Following are some excellent pet-friendly kitchen remodelling in Oakville ideas that you should consider: 

Pet Feeding Station

A pet feeding station is one of your kitchen renovation’s most straightforward and valuable pet-friendly elements. The bowls for your pet’s food and water can be placed in this region. You can either have a custom built-in feeding station or incorporate this into your kitchen island. Cleaning up spills and messes will be simpler if your pet’s food and water are kept off your kitchen floor.

Integrated Pet Bed

A built-in pet bed might be a terrific addition to your kitchen renovation in Oakville if you have a dog or cat that likes to be close to you while cooking. There might be a quaint alcove beneath your kitchen island or a specially-made bed that blends in with your cabinetry. Your pet will stay out of the way and away from your food if you provide a specific area for them to stay.

Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Pets can make a mess, especially after meals; hence consider choosing easy-to-clean floorings, such as tile, vinyl, or laminate, if you’re remodelling your kitchen. These flooring options are solid and resistant to dents, spills, and mishaps. Also, they are simple to clean, saving you time and effort.

Pet-Friendly Cabinetry 

Consider using pet-friendly materials for your cabinetry, including high-pressure laminate or thermofoil. These materials can tolerate pet wear and tear and are scratch-resistant. You can also add a protective coating to shield your cabinets from scratches caused by your pet’s claws. Consider putting in cabinet locks or latches to prevent your pet from opening cabinets.

Storage for Pet Supply 

Consider installing storage just for pet supplies like food, toys, and grooming equipment if you have a lot of pet goods like these. This might be a specific spot in your pantry or a cupboard. Your pet’s supplies will stay orderly and out of the way if you have a place to store them.

Pet Barrier or Gate

If your dog enjoys exploring the house, consider including a pet gate or barrier in your kitchen makeover. This might be a straightforward gate that closes off the door to your kitchen or a specially-made fence that matches your cabinets. A barrier will prevent your pet from straying into the kitchen while you are cooking, helping to avoid mishaps and keeping them safe.

Appliances Suitable for Pets

Finally, pick pet-friendly equipment while making your kitchen makeover appliance selections. You might opt for a refrigerator with a bottom freezer to prevent your pet from unintentionally entering the freezer. Use a dishwasher with a sanitizing cycle to clean the bowls and utensils your pet uses. Consider a stove with a front control panel to prevent your huge dog from accidentally lighting the burners.

In conclusion, you may incorporate numerous pet-friendly features into your design if you consider a kitchen makeover and have pets. So if you are considering kitchen remodelling in Oakville and looking forward to joining hands with the best kitchen renovation company, reach out to Envyland Kitchen for the best kitchen remodel. 


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