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Pros & Cons of Quartz & Granite

May 21, 2018

Granite and quartz countertops are both beautiful options for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. When picking between the two, there are pros and cons to both that can help guide your decision. Whether you want something all-natural, or low maintenance, there is an option for you. Below are the biggest pros and cons of both granite and quartz countertops.


Quartz comes in way more colours and styles than granite because quartz is manufactured, not naturally occurring. It can be dyed bright red or speckled with sparkling flecks. Whatever you imagine you can most likely find a quartz countertop to match.

While being as durable as quartz, and even concrete, it is actually less prone to both cracking and chipping. Due to the fact is a more forgiving material, it does not have a “hardness” to it that quartz has. Some people find this feel to be unpleasant and prefer something with a little bit of give.

Quartz is non-porous and is resistant to stains, unlike many other countertop choices, including marble, granite, and concrete. This means that bacteria will not be able to get into the countertop and transfer onto other food and possibly make you sick. To clean quartz, you only need to wipe it down. You also do not need to seal quartz once a year, as you would with granite.


Quartz is comparable to other high-end countertop options, however, like those options, it is expensive. A quartz countertop costs around $200 a square foot, which can add up quickly. If you are going to get a high-end countertop though, it is not any more or less expensive than your other options.

If you want something classic, then quartz may be too contemporary for you, same if you want something more natural. You also have to be very careful with placing hot things like pots or hair curlers on it, as it is not heat resistant.


Granite countertops are incredibly beautiful and come in around twenty different natural colours. Each piece of granite is unique, as it is a mined stone, and your kitchen or bathroom will be utterly incomparable to all others.

Granite is incredibly hard and very difficult to scratch. It isn’t recommended to use as a cutting board, but it will withstand regular wear and tear. It is very resistant to heat. However, you can set down a pan or pot onto it without worrying.

When properly sealed granite resists stains and will not absorb liquid, however, quartz is superior in this area, as it is not a naturally occurring stone.


You will have to seal a granite countertop when it is first installed, and then every subsequent year. If you do not seal your countertop correctly, then it becomes incredibly susceptible to stains and will absorb liquids and bacterias, which can spread to other food in your kitchen.

Granite is also more susceptible than other types of the high-end countertop to cracking. It is rare, but it can happen, and a single crack can ruin your beautiful countertop!

The Gist

There are pros and cons to both granite and quartz. Both are amazing options, however, and it really comes down to which suits your lifestyle better.

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