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Quick Facts About Quartz Countertops

Mar 12, 2021

Choosing a kitchen countertop can be overwhelming, especially with the number of choices, designs and materials available on the market. As the growing popularity of quartz countertops increases, there have been new discoveries about how they can benefit homeowners. Here are some really cool facts about quartz countertop which makes it so popular.


Of course, whether we like it or not, our renovation decisions are mostly influenced by budgetary constraints. The price of quartz varies depending on what kind and brand you choose. Expect the pricing to range anywhere between $30 per square foot (low-grade options) to about $150 per square foot (high-end options). Quartz is usually less expensive than granite and marble.


We all dream of minimum maintenance surfaces, free from mould and mildew. You may already know that quartz cannot crack or chip easily. But did you also know that it is waterproof too? Unlike natural countertops which are porous and need sealing, quartz is totally waterproof.


If you like to keep things colourful and flamboyant, quartz is a definite option for you. Quartz has 97% ground quartz and 3% polymers and resigns by weight. Due to its unique composition, quartz can be transformed in almost any colour, texture or pattern.

Environment friendly

Amidst growing concerns pertaining to environment-friendly options, quartz is a great option for homeowners who want an eco-friendly option when considering renovation options. Did you know that the major reason why quartz is green in colour? That’s because it’s made of waste products from other countertop materials.


While quartz makes a great option for kitchen countertops due to its low maintenance, vibrant appeal, it may not exactly be an ideal choice for an outdoor kitchen. Because quartz is not made from 100% natural material like granite, it is susceptible to UV damage. You may be able to see changes in colour due to sun exposure. Thinking of using quartz for the bathroom? Go right ahead. Quartz countertops are great for bathroom use. They are quite easy to maintain and a great option if you want some great palettes for your bathroom.

Although you may find many brands of quartz available in the market they have almost the same quality of quartz and have almost similar pricing. However, sometimes that can get confusing as you struggle to find the right colour and design for your budget. If you are struggling to find the appropriate style, design and colour for your countertop, contact Envyland Kitchen. Browse from our range of quartz countertop options to select a countertop that catches your fancy.

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