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Tips To Choose The Best Granite Colour For Your Kitchen

Mar 12, 2021

Choosing the right colour for your granite countertop can be a crucial decision to make sure that your overall decor looks coherent. Whether you fancy the neutral blacks, browns, whites or the stunning reds, greens and blues, having a colour that matches your cabinetry, appliances and the overall style of your kitchen or bathroom is imperative. Thanks to the wonderful palette options available in granite countertops, you will have no trouble finding the right colour or pattern that fit your design goals. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best granite colour for your home.

How to match the colour

There are two ways that you can match the granite colour for your kitchen. You can either pair the primary colour of the granite or match the marbling and the veining. For instance, white cabinetry matches well with a white granite having grey, black or brown veining. Alternatively, like me, if you are a fan of contrasts, consider creating a sharp contrast by matching the veining with the cabinetry colour.

Opting for lighter or darker hues

If you are confused between a lighter and darker hue, remember that both have their advantages and limitations. Lighter hues mainly comprise of white, grey, or beige palettes which amplify your space and create an illusionary effect of a larger space. The disadvantage? The maintenance can be really burdensome. Draker granite shades are easier in terms of maintenance. However, they make your space look considerably smaller. If you do not have adequate natural light, we strongly recommend opting for lighter cleaner shade.

Pattern selection

Selecting a colour is important, but many times choosing a pattern too is equally important. If you have a smaller bathroom or kitchen spaces, it is best to stick to solid colours as patterns can actually make your space seem smaller. If you want to choose a pattern, opt for the one that matches with your overall decor. For instance, marbled granite is a popular choice for accenting simple cabinetry.


Sometimes you never know what kind of pattern or colour will work with your specific cabinetry. Thankfully, we have a lot of options for reference. Whether it is browsing through Pinterest or a simple Google image search, you will be amazed by the amount of inspiration you can get to match your cabinetry and granite colours. Before even deciding on the colour and pattern you will already know how it looks.

Whether you find your inspiration online or offline, we know one way or the other our collection of granite colours and patterns at Envyland Kitchen are sure to impress you. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns for your kitchen. Have questions or need recommendations? We will be more than happy to help. After all inspiration for good food comes from great kitchen decors.

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