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Tips to Create a Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Sep 14, 2020

If you’ve been looking at different ideas and inspiration for a new kitchen, you’ve likely come across the farmhouse style, which is very trendy at the moment. This simple yet beautiful country style is becoming more and more popular and both interior designers and homeowners are loving this look.

If you’re wondering what farmhouse style actually consists of, it is essentially a mix of different types of aesthetics. The beauty behind this style is that it’s not very specific, so you can mix and match different ideas together to create a look that meets your personal design preferences. Farmhouse style is really about making your kitchen your own and transforming it into a space you love.

Achieving this look is not hard, so if this is an idea you are interested in, the following tips will help you create the perfect farmhouse style kitchen:

Get Comfortable With Simplicity

True farmhouse style is simple and this comes from the economic status of farmhouses in the past. Less is more definitely applies to this type of interior and this notion goes back to farmhouses using only what they had and every item having a purpose. Galvanized and enamelware touches are common in farmhouse style kitchens because these were essential materials on every working farm. Bottom line; think simple. Eliminate any cluttered areas and invest in items that are functional.

Embrace Clean Lines

Farmhouse style consists of clean and simple lines in both its architecture and décor. This includes cabinets, so choose ones that have clean lines and easy construction. Remember that working on a farm was hard work for a family and this meant keeping things basic when it came to other aspects of the house. This meant door frames, furniture and cabinets were kept basic without fancy trims or finishes and this has carried through into the farmhouse style that is used today. Think simple, functional and clean.

Choose Neutral Colours

Another important feature of farmhouse style is muted and neutral tones. Paint finishes in most farmhouses were worn and every piece was well used. If something broke, it was fixed as opposed to replaced and all of this meant less colourful pieces as they faded over time and became more neutral. Whites, grays and warm wood tones are all part of this style and you can even add unique textures like matte finishes and metal tones for an extra effect.

These three tips will help you achieve a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen. Keep the elements simple, comfortable and functional and you will love your space as a result.

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